Linkedin post – Tableau social distancing blog

Does social distancing work, and if so, how much distance is needed? Tableau, the leading data visualisation service supported by thryve, is creating and highlighting some beneficial visualisation tools to track and predict COVID-19 events. It recently looked at the social distancing question, presenting three different visualisation simulations to estimate the impact of keeping a personal distance during the pandemic:

– A New York Times simulation showing how far a single droplet from a cough can travel

– A simulation from the Washington Post to see how quickly the virus can spread in a community

– A game by data visualisation artist Shirley Wu called People of the Pandemic, using real-world data to predict how your actions can affect a community

Other than being interesting, these examples also show how visualisation can represent data for current and useful decision-making.

You can read the full blog at

If you need to make sense of the pandemic, Tableau has made several relevant services available. How would you use visualisation to manage the pandemic’s risks to you and your business?